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Dr. habil. Hajdu András
tanszékvezető, egyetemi docens

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Válogatott publikációk:

·       András Hajdu, Lajos Hajdu, Robert Tijdeman: Finding well approximating lattices for a finite set of points, Math. Comp. 88 (2019), 369-387.

·       György Kovacs, András Hajdu: A Self-Calibrating Approach for the Segmentation of Retinal Vessels by Template Matching and Contour Reconstruction, Medical Image Analysis 29 (2016 Apr), 24-46.

·       István Lázár, Andras Hajdu: Segmentation of retinal vessels by means of directional response vector similarity and region growing, Computers in Biology and Medicine (2015), 66 (November 2015), 209-221. (Esteemed Paper 2015, Top 10 - 15 Papers of the Year)

·       Balázs Harangi, András Hajdu: Detection of the optic disc in fundus images by combining probability models, Computers in Biology and Medicine  (2015), 65 (October 2015), 10-24

·       Bálint Antal, András Hajdu: An ensemble-based system for automatic screening of diabetic retinopathy, Knowledge-Based Systems (Elsevier) 60 (April 2014), 20-27.

·       András Hajdu, Lajos Hajdu, Ágnes Jónás, László Kovács, Henrietta Tomán: Generalizing the majority voting scheme to spatially constrained voting, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing 22(11) (November 2013), 4182-4194.

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·       András Hajdu and Zoltán Zörgő: ANSYS for Virtual Surgery: FEA is a valuable tool that aids doctors in orthopedic operations, ANSYS Solutions Summer 2004 (2004), 10-13.