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2018, Artificial Homunculus

Artificial homunculus as it is suggested by its name is an attempt to create an artificial life application that can work as a mental homunculus. It is based on a radical and crazy idea that the homunculus is a whole mental ecosystem built on the top of the central nervous system. This speculation should become a cornerstone both of the theoretical background and of the artificial life application to be developed. Artificial homunculus is intended to offer a research software platform for investigating and answering the hard problem of consiousness. But it should be noted that this research is entirely separated from physiology. Instead it is a pure informatical initiative especially a computer game where the mental-digital ecosystem in question will be built on the top of some computer network.

Theory of subjectivity

2017, Esport

Benchmarking Cognitive Abilities of the Brain with Computer Games

This project aims to create an interdisciplinary research program that links human perception, infomation theory, and talent search in the field of e-sports. esport-talent-search

Esport reformation

FUTURE - smart city future computing

2016, Robopsychology - Samu's Mental Organs

"The project called Samu Bátfai is a disembodied developmental robotic initiative to support the evolving of a family chatter bot. The long-term goal of the project Samu is to develop a chat system that can talk in a natural language like humans do. It is clear that currently this is only an utopian plan. By contrast, the immediate short-term goal is to create computational mental organs." - How to Become a Robopsychologist

2015, Family Robotics - Deep Q-learning with Samu

2014, OOCWC - rObOCar World Championship

Robocar World Championship (OOCWC) is intended to offer a common research platform for developing urban traffic control algorithms and for investigating the relationship between smart cities and robot cars with particular attention to spread of robot cars of the near future. At the heart of this initiative is the Robocar City Emulator. It will enable researchers to test and validate their theories and models.

- 2013

Industrial Projects



High Level Programming Languages I-II


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